Spring 2018 Newsletter

Looks like we are finally out of the winter and the cold, and spring has decided to join us! I’m sure the year to date has been busy for all of you as it has been for me.

There is no shortage of projects around the city and in our neighborhoods to pay attention to, and I just made it through my first budget season as chair of the finance committee.

So, let’s get down to it…

Residential Parking Program

Chris Cassani, Director of TPAL, and I held a meeting at Wollaston School back in March to hear feedback on the proposed parking changes in a few of the areas in the lower Wollaston and Montclair areas. These areas are mostly near the Wollaston T Station. You can see the slides from that presentation here, and the handout given at the meeting here.

I have the draft of an ordinance for parking changes, which I anticipate submitting in our next council meeting on June 18. We’ll hope for implementation in the fall.

Street Paving & Sidewalk Repair

Please continue to let me know problem areas. If pothole patching can suffice, please direct those requests here.

There is currently a request for $18 million for street repair before the city council, which should be soon debated in the finance committee.

If you would like to request a sidewalk repair, please direct those requests here.

Ward 3 & Citywide Development Projects

There are a number of development projects around the city, and a few of them are in Ward 3. Please follow this link to the entire list of outstanding projects around the city. If you have any questions with any particular project, please let me know.

PorchFest Quincy

It’s back!! Mark your calendar for June 23. This one-of-a-kind community event will hold its third annual in Quincy. With the blessing of the beautiful weather we have enjoyed each year, it is guaranteed to be a day that everyone can enjoy!


While we have plenty of porches locations (thank you!), we are always looking for additional performers, as well as contributors and volunteers to help out.  Please sign-up on the website or email me with any questions.

DPW InfoLetter

Did you get your 2018 Spring/Summer DPW InfoLetter? If not, you can find a link to DPW information here. The site provides useful information on trash, yard waste, street sweeping and important numbers.

Thomas Crane Public Library

If you’re not already aware of the incredible programming at the Thomas Crane Public Library, please do yourself a favor and check out the calendar here and subscribe to their newsletter here. There’s something for everyone in there, especially for those kids during the summer!

Other News

Coffee Hours

I continue to take scheduled requests to meet. If you would like to meet in person for coffee, please contact me directly by phone or by e-mail (details below). I look forward to seeing you soon!

Blog & Newsletter

I will be keeping information on this blog, and sending out an e-newsletter periodically. If you would like to be included on the e-newsletter distribution, please send an e-mail to icain@quincyma.gov. Tell your friends!

Contact Information

The best ways to reach me are by phone or by e-mail. I have a council phone number that will reach me directly. If I don’t answer the phone, please be sure to leave a voice message so I can get back to you. If e-mail is more convenient for you, by all means, send away!

telephone: 617-376-1353

e-mail: icain@quincyma.gov

Stay tuned on the blog and via the e-newsletter for periodic updates, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, comments, or if I can be of assistance.

You can also continue to follow my Facebook page.