Mayor Koch has declared a storm emergency for the City of Quincy prior to a coastal storm with the potential to cause severe flooding and structural damage.

Residents in coastal areas normally impacted by similar events are advised to monitor tide conditions and forecasts very closely and evacuate to higher ground no later than Friday morning. Coastal residents who choose to stay home should considering moving their vehicles to higher ground.

The Quincy Police Department and Quincy Fire Department are on standby to assist evacuations if necessary. It is possible, however, that conditions could deteriorate to an extent that evacuations in some areas will not be possible.

Residents in Squantum and Houghs Neck should be aware that it is likely that the peninsulas will be cut off from the mainland, possibly for an extended period of time. Mayor Koch has directed additional emergency resources to both peninsulas for the duration of the storm.

The City of Quincy will open three emergency shelters – the Atherton Hough School, the Squantum School, and Quincy High School. The City’s Emergency Operation Center will begin operating at 8 a.m. on Friday, March 2. For emergency information and assistance, please call 617-376-1105 after that time. Always call 911 in an immediate emergency.

Quincy Public Schools will be closed on Friday, March 2.

The storm’s first high tide will occur at roughly 11:15 a.m. with damaging impacts possible during the following three tide cycles. All storm protocols relative to tide gates are in place, although it is possible that the tides will not recede fully between cycles.

Residents in low-lying inland areas should also take precautions, as coastal flooding combined with rain could cause the Furnace Brook and other urban streams to reach flood stage.

Additional emergency personnel will be on duty through the duration of the storm.