You may be watching an ugly social media scene play out in the “debate on Sanctuary Cities.” I use that term loosely. In this process, I have seemingly earned my first internet troll, who has decided to unilaterally make representations on my behalf in an attempt to make me look bad to his or her followers.

My official position is that with respect to the resolution put forward by Councilor Liang, I was always and will be voting no.

Prior to this item being placed on the agenda, I was approached by Councilor Liang to co-sponsor this resolution, and I declined. This issue is something that I believe was never a problem, and should never have been brought to light in this manner. Community meetings would have been the more appropriate method of discovery before introducing non-committal policy in front of the council.

I am grateful for those who took time to write and to call in order to clarify my position on this matter. I am shocked by the number of people who seem to derive their news and information from Facebook. This is quite dangerous. What I have seen in this instance is the local mass proliferation of misinformation and lies by those who have at many points represented themselves as would-be leaders of our city and region.

As always, I remain at your disposal. I am always available by phone and by e-mail, and keep a schedule on my website’s calendar when you can find me in person to discuss any issues that you might have on your mind.