Meet Ian Cain

Connecting Quincy’s history to its future.

Ian’s commitment is to you and to Quincy. He seeks to aid in the development of what the city can and should be, and to convey your voice, ideas and concerns along the way.

Communication. Innovation. Engagement.

Ian is a member of the next generation of Quincy residents responding to a call of civic duty – long ago starting with John Adams – and taking the reins to represent your interests in government. The city is at an important period in its history, and we need all the energy, enthusiasm, vision and experience to make its future success a reality.

Recent Blog Posts

Ward 3 Newsletter – Summer 2020

Ward 3 Newsletter Summer 2020 First thing's first Greetings! It's hard to believe that the summer has just about come and gone. This was certainly a summer to remember for the unique circumstances that remain, but also for the consistently high heat and humidity. I...

Announcing the Winners of the COVID-19 Writing Competition

I am left inspired and honored by the students of the City of Quincy. We had 821 students submit poems, stories and essay on their experiences and perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic. It certainly wasn't easy choosing 9 winners out of that group. I am grateful...

COVID-19 Writing Competition

I recently had a great conversation with a neighbor. She expressed her hope that Quincy's young people were taking time to write about their experiences during the global pandemic because of its historical significance. Acting on such a great idea, and in order to...


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